Butterflies, just a few…at Gunby Hall, Lincolnshire … yesterday.

Lots of Red Admirals, on plums and flowers and even on shamrocks.

The Peacock butterfly, colours vibrant and settling for just a moment.

And a Painted Lady on the same flowers, wings a bit nibbled, but that endeared it more than ever. I like imperfection!

What’s this one? A wonderful wing formation and loving the buddleia.

I think they fly off to rest in places of coolness and shade, where the whole universe is reflected in pools of shimmering water.

The light changing at every fleeting moment.

It can almost be believed ….

‘Come away, O human child to the waters and the wild

with a faery hand in hand … to foot it all the night…. ‘

from The Stolen Child, W.B.YEATS.

Many things may be believed when the light changes and the water ripples and wonderful weeds look beautiful.

In the back garden, amongst the teazles, insects and bees buzzing, and a moth lighting, it’s easy to take moments just for thought, quiet and unfolding.

And a blue butterfly, tiny, with its rimmings of white and central deeper blue.

Wander, and love the world. Take time to look, knowing that at any time it’s only the tip of the iceberg which is revealed.

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