Launde Abbey

silence which is not silent.

A garden of quietness silence wrapping like soft wool

blue wool, fine woven and draping

moulding to places where pain might surface

a comfort covering

blue of bluebells, carpeting and stretching

forget me not and wisteria.

Pale yellow wool

of celandine and dandelions,

pale texture and sheen

A wrapping to delight and soothe the spirit.

Green wool, woven with silk

woven sheen of green and textures of leaf and undergrowth

fallen things and new growth springing and stretching

saplings and nettles and ivy, docks and all things green

a covering of hope.

Peep out at hope.

Orange threads of bird song

An aeroplanes crescendo

fading to song and buzzing once again

threads of sound tangling

disturbing …

making silence soft.

And then the softness of pure silk

all colours, whites, pinks and orange

woven and modelled

To lightness and fragility

cherry blossom

chestnut blossom

little faces full of silent chatter.

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