Easter …. thoughts on darkness and daybreak

In the earth, in the rock

all is sealed, damp and dark and ended.

Now is the nothing time.

Now is heaviness.

Now is cold and dark, a time enveloped by darkness.

A body held, unyielding

in coarse linen, warm from the day and the sunshine,

a body tired,

consumed by cold and desolation.

But the dark is black velvet,

caressing with softness the cold slab of stone,

that cold, lifeless body.

The dark is patient ..

black velvet swaddles,

shifting like shot silk seeking light.

Even in death, love is luminous

in the softness of love’s holding.

Light, released,

bursts and vibrates.

Creation is lit again.

From the velvet darkness, a voice …

‘Unbind me and let me go.

I come to freedom.

I bring spark and inspiration …

I come with power and unfathomable love.

I am not held. I am here, with you.’

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